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                            Here you will find mostly wines won gold medals at international competitions, and exclusive wines on expert assessments.                             The bottles numbers are limited and it is possible negotiation of the price!

About us


Dear lovers of good wine,

At present, it is difficult to find reliable information about Bulgarian wines online. For the most part it is scattered, incomplete, inaccurate and sometimes even misleading. Some of the wineries have not updated their sites for years; journalists almost never bother to learn what wine exactly they are talking about, and its harvest is for most of them too burdening information. In dozens of cases, manufacturers do not even bother to mention on their label that their wine was awarded some prize. We have seen misleading labels and stickers for prizes that are rather imaginary.

This is one of the reasons why we made this site: our goal is to offer a place on the web where you can get as much reliable information as possible about our elite wines and of course, buy them – at least in limited quantities. In the last five or six years, the number of those of them that have won gold medals at international exhibitions has increased abruptly. Between you and us, the real reason is that the boss ... how to say it – well, he became a solid admirer of wine. Now you can find in our basement dozens of great wines, which have won prestigious prizes. From now on we will do our best to keep them in front of your eyes. We hope they suit your pocket too.

We want to specially emphasize that we have all wines in the pictures on our site in stock. They are available under different conditions, but we always have a bottle or two of them.

We are certainly partial to some of our manufacturers. It is difficult for us not to be partial to such masters as those of Katarzyna, Terra Tangra, Sinti, Edoardo Miroglio, Black Sea Gold, Domain Boyar, Rumelia (not necessarily in that order) and at least a dozen more – we hope they don’t get angry that we haven’t mentioned them all.

Re the qualities of the wines on Vinobg, we quote (in that order) first their manufacturer (well, everybody praises their own goods), then respected independent experts’ opinions, recommendations by other professionals of sites like MEIK-98 or Divino, and if there is nothing else available, our humble opinion.

The range of wines we have seen in our shops and restaurants for the last twenty years or so is depressingly poor. The only exceptions are a few hypermarket chains and occasional specialized shops here and there. We are a little amazed by the ignorance of most shopkeepers and restaurateurs. It is a miracle if you can find in their shops four or five of the dozens of wines that have been awarded gold medals at international fairs. Most of those professionals not only know nothing about the wines that make us internationally famous, but also obstinately refuse to give free advice. But well, the power of democracy is in this.

Therefore we advise you: don’t let any of the various elements that share the common goal of cheating people manipulate you. When you want to buy wine, consult for example our site. If you don’t find satisfactory information there, look for it on MEIK-98, Divino, or any other site that was made by conscientious professionals.

To make your search easier, the wines on our site are divided into two big sections: “Prize-Winning Wines” and "Vintage Boutique".

Prize-Winning Wines

One necessary condition for participation in this category is that the wine should have won a gold medal at some international fair or a Golden Rhyton at Vinaria. At present, we do not take into account the gold medals from that exhibition. We only mention them as an extra detail when the wine meets our first requirement, and we have managed to find out what wine stands behind the mysterious code "Batch such-and-such”. Maybe the time will come when the manufacturers will share with their customers the currently well-kept secret of under what brand name they bottle the wines that were awarded some medal after each competition.

Another necessary condition for participation in this section is that the wine should be available on the market.

Vintage Boutique

This section includes those wines that our boss has bought, led by his own taste (these are suspicious, but are now at least a ten years old), by the brochures of various traders (some of which are full of lies) or our advice (of course these are the best). Prize-winning wines that neither the manufacturer nor the shops have in stock any more also fall into this category.

Each shop that shows true taste and variety can rely on our assistance. The option "Elite Shops" is for them. A necessary condition for a wine shop to enter this category is that we should like it.


This is a gossip section, as the title shows. It already contains news from the international wine forums, information about Bulgarian events that include getting drunk or at least wine tasting, and other useful information. Basically, we can include everything that is worth telling after a glass of good wine. It is about our native wines, and not any foreign wine. The boss is of the old school and doesn’t want us to become conductors of bourgeois ideology. Don’t try to fool us – the stories, inspired by our wines, have a distinctive local character. Their vocabulary also differs.


As you might have guessed, basically this is the place where you register.


The forum is… well, a forum. After this deep thought, we are leaving you. A box of something special has just arrived.

Hey, that’s a very good wine…